Who We Are

A connection fashioned from a coincidental mutual acquaintance, Kalahari Resorts & Conventions CEO/President Todd Nelson connected with founders of Twin Cities’ Parasole Restaurant Holdings to create Double Cut Steak House.

Parasole are some of the best restaurant operators in the country, so I have no problem having them come in here and oversee things."
- Todd Nelson

Working with Kalahari Resorts was the most natural thing in the world. Todd Sr. and I even share the same doctor. When he told me what he needed, I got it instantly. When I came back to him with our idea, he got it instantly."
- Phil Roberts

Parasole Restaurant Holdings was founded in 1977 by Twin Cities’ entrepreneurs Phil Roberts and Pete Mihajlov. A third partner, long-time business associate and investor Kevin Kuester, joined the team in 2003.Together they oversee operation of Parasole Restaurant Holdings. Parasole is known for creating restaurants as unique as the people they serve, forming local hangouts and citywide destinations. Their creations are your first choice for relaxing with friends, celebrating an event, entertaining clients, or simply feeding the kids before they melt down.

With the expertise presented by Parasole alongside Kalahari Resorts & Conventions’ passion to deliver beyond expectations, undoubtedly Double Cut Steak House will prove to be an amazing success.

Part of what we are trying to accomplish, is to be the leader in all areas of the family resort industry. That includes meeting space, entertainment, lodging and dining options. This provided the basis to add our signature dining experience.
- Todd Nelson

Double Cut - the name taken from a larger cut of meat - is our contemporary steak house that functions as a casual restaurant and watering hole during the early dining hours, but transitions into a high-energy bar and lounge-driven environment as the night progresses. When you claim that you’re adding a signature dining experience, every detail had to be considered to transform you from the stresses of business and life. Our décor is modern, but not pretentious. The ambiance is sophisticated and multisensory, yet comfortable. The staff is educated, but not showy.

Bargoers can claim a table, booth or stool in the Liquor Bar; or chill in the coolness of the lounge. Wine drinkers revel in the diversity of the list. Diners can choose tavern-style dining in the bar, book private dining CEO-style or something a bit more public. The drinking and dining environment fits business entertainment or late-night carousing.

Like the restaurant itself, our menu departs from a classic steak house without chasing away traditionalists. Categories range from classic steaks and chops to seafood – including lobster tail.

Your signature is unique. Ours is, too.

Welcome to Kalahari Resorts' Signature Dining Experience – Double Cut Steak House.